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Nikki Kane

2 Scenes
  • October 07, 1987
  • Athens, OH
  • Caucasian
  • Medium Skin
  • 114lb
  • 5'5"
  • 34B-23-35
  • Legacy


The only thing better than a dedicated psychonaut is a hot and dirty psychonaut that loves to fuck on camera. This blonde and curvy babe likes to study the mysteries of the human mind and all the ways she can mess with it. We think she can mess with ours by giving us the most mind-blowing orgasm we have had in a while. Although she could likely tell us all the details of our brain chemistry, and all the fun ways to alter our perception, we would rather alter our perception of her from clothed to naked with gape. This is a girl we would love to ride, all the way into another dimension.

Scenes featuring Nikki Kane 2