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2 Scenes
  • February 09, 1973
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Black
  • Legacy


Veteran porn star Sledgehammer has always fantasized about becoming a superhero. That's one of the reasons he works out so much to maintain the hulking, muscular body of a comic book legend. Sledgehammer may be a huge beast of a man, as pictures of him wearing his trademark sunglasses prove, but friends and family all insist he's more of a gentle giant. Sledge is well known for chilling out on set during down-time with a pile of comic books and science fiction stories. In his long and steady career, Sledgehammer has racked up more than 800 scene credits. Sledge has been there with Brazzers from the very beginning, with some hot scenes shot in our earliest days in 2005!

Scenes featuring Sledgehammer 2