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Trent Tesoro

10 Scenes
  • March 18, 1977
  • Texas, USA
  • American
  • 165lb
  • 6'0"
  • Rookie


What is it about bad boys that makes the ladies' pussies so wet they can't sit still? Whatever that quality is, Trent Tesoro has it in spades. It'd be easy to see him only for the clean-cut, handsome guy he is, but watching a couple scenes reveals the pussy-pounding rebel inside. In his long career as a bad-ass cocksman, he's made sexy porn stars squeal in more than 440 scenes, and been nominated for seven AVN awards. Trent is really into food, and so when we heard he had a reputation for seducing the naughtiest girls, we weren't surprised at all.

Scenes featuring Trent Tesoro 10