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Zeb Atlas

2 Scenes
  • October 15, 1970
  • Portland, Oregon
  • American
  • 224lb
  • 6'3"
  • Legacy


Zeb Atlas might be the biggest beast of a man we've ever shot for Brazzers. He's got a huge, thick body that puts Conan the Barbarian's to shame. With his hyper-defined muscles, he looks like a bronze Greek statue come to life. It should come as no surprise that this hulk was working and training full-time as a competitive bodybuilder when he was noticed by a porn industry photographer. He clicked right away with the lifestyle afforded him by shooting porn scenes and photo sets, and dove headfirst into the work. Zeb has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University, and approaches health and fitness from a life sciences background. He offers workout tips and secrets to making big gains at the gym on his personal website. What keeps Zeb motivated to train and shoot? Simple. He explains that it comes naturally for him, saying "I have just been a very sexual person for as long as I can remember."

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