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Barrett Blade

2 Scenes
  • August 11, 1973
  • California
  • American
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"
  • Legacy


You know how in the wild it's the male birds that have the brightest feathers? Whether he's dressed to party or buck naked and pumping away at a pussy, Barrett Blade always stands out with his immediately recognizable LA rocker style. Before breaking into porn Barrett was a music writer and bassist for the rap-rock band Dial-7. Barrett was discovered while playing a sold-out show in West Hollywood. He got involved with a Vivid gal who was there with friends, and she encouraged him to fuck on camera. Something must have clicked, back then in 2001, because this edgy porn star stuck with it and has been going strong since. Barrett has won two AVN Awards (in 2005 for Best Threeway Sex, and in 2008 for Best Supporting Actor), and been nominated for four more. Barrett's also dated some of the hottest babes in the biz. Who'd have thought a guy who fucks like such a beast would be a romantic at heart? For a guy who lives such an interesting life, Barrett seems to take it all in stride, explaining "I'm pretty much a normal rocker dude."

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