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Justin Long

21 Scenes
  • June 25, 1970
  • USA
  • Black
  • 169lb
  • 5'10"
  • Allstars


Justin Long definitely lives up to his name, with an impressive cock that is nearly as lengthy as the list of porn scenes he's done with Brazzers. When not laying pipe with his massive dick, this woodsman take off into the great outdoors with his fishing pole, a tent, and Great Dane Leggs. On a list of Top Ten Favorite Things, Justin puts pussy twice, because he really could not live without it. This down-to-earth stud says that the sexiest part of a girl is her hair, followed by her calves and ass. He tries to be thankful for the little things in life and take everything in stride, "I was just blessed... with a large penis." Justin has turned that gift into an extremely successful career, blessing porn stars' pussies in more than 300 scenes.

Scenes featuring Justin Long 21