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Barry Scott

53 Scenes
  • November 08, 1972
  • USA
  • American
  • 169lb
  • 5'8"
  • Allstars


Barry Scott is a tried-and-true cocksman, with a list of scenes longer than his you-know-what. He's also a regular feature in our Live Shows, where he savages porn star pussy in tune to fan requests. If we ever had unlimited time to discover Los Angeles culture, we'd probably ask Barry to give a guided tour of the coolest spots. Supplementing his gym routines with yoga and meditation keep his body and mind in killer shape. And whenever this New Age dude can get enough time off from work, he voyages deep into the Nevada desert for the hippie hot-spot Burning Man. We're intrigued that he also sidelines as a piercer when he isn't shooting scenes. It seems so appropriate for a guy whose day job has him piercing hot starlets and MILFs with his thick cock.

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