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Cheyne Collins

24 Scenes


Cheyne Collins is one of the busiest studs in the porn business. He has a tough guy look to him without the extremely tone, chiseled body. Cheyne is a good-looking guy, but his performance skills are the reason he is in high demand. Cheyne entered the hardcore realm with his wife, Chennin Blanc, back in 1996. When he first started his career Cheyne went by the last name Blanc, same as his wife, but in short order he changed it to his current moniker. Cheyne and his wife took their time breaking onto the scene. In their first three years, they only appeared in a few movies, with only one appearance in 1997 altogether. In 1999 Cheyne and Chennin truly dove into their porn careers, and have been grinding out movies at a feverish pace ever since. Many of their early appearances had them working together which also changed in 1999 when it became a rare occurrence. Cheyne is a stud that has a do-it-all mentality, and has proven himself as one of the most reliable guys on the scene. Easily recognized by his slicked back hair and sideburns, he is one of the premiere male porn stars out there with little sign of fading anytime soon.

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