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Andrew Andretti

18 Scenes
  • Unknown
  • USA
  • American
  • 154lb
  • 5'8"
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Andrew Andretti grew up in a freewheeling European household, surrounding by free spirits who would do anything, anywhere, in front of anybody. A natural ability to perform under any conditions definitely helped this Italian Stallion later on in his life, as he became one of our primo cocksmen for Asses in Public. As Andrew admits, it's easier to perform when you're packing serious heat in your pants, when you know your giant salami is going to turn heads and it's sheer size is going to soak pussies instantly. He also has his roguish good looks to rely on, the kind of dark, mysterious features all women fantasize about. Check out the dozens of naughty scenes this porn star has filmed for us, whether he was pounding pussies in a swanky hotel or dirt-dogging it with nymphos in the back alleys of LA county.

Scenes featuring Andrew Andretti 18