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Naomi Cruise

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  • May 31, 1987
  • Virginia, USA
  • Caucasian
  • Medium Skin
  • 121lb
  • 5'6"
  • 36C-27-37
  • Legacy


Naomi Cruise got her start in the porn business as many do, with nude modeling, but once she got a taste of life in front of the camera she moved right to the hard stuff. With her fresh, good looks, flawless skin, and her curvy body, this sexy porn star has risen rapidly to the top of the game. In her personal life, Naomi says she gets most turned on by manly, funny men like Ron Burgundy, guys with old-school charm, who are take-charge and dominating, but will also keep her giggling all day. She's a big-time sports buff, and says her favorite team to follow is the New York Giants. Why? Because football players have huge biceps and lots of power, she says with a blush.

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