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Natalie Brooks

1 Scenes
  • November 18, 1997
  • Miami, FL
  • Latina
  • Medium Skin
  • 114lb
  • 5'2"
  • 32C-26-36
  • New


"Natural-born slut" Natalie Brooks' nationality is Honduran, and this Latina spinner is poised to become a mattress actress whose noteriety reaches nation-wide! Delightfully horny and primarily sex positive, Natalie is a good natured brunette babe with perky pierced tits and a bubble butt made for bouncing. Idolizing pornstars growing up, as soon as she turned 18, Natalie called and agency, and was soon showing off her sexual prowess in front of the camera. Natalie just straight-up loves sex, as is shown in her craziest sex story! After meeting a lucky man on a dating site, Natalie went over to his place, and within 5 minutes of stepping over the threshold, they were having anal sex! Along with her penchant for giving long and luxurious blowjobs, when it comes to making people cum, Nasty Nat is a natural!

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