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Jason Moody

1 Scenes
  • Unknown
  • American
  • 155lb
  • 5'7"
  • Legacy


Built like a warrior out of some ancient Greek myth, Jason Moody dominates every scene like a battlefield. Early morning gym sessions have hardened his once soft body into a block of carved marble, with more abs than you can count! When this stallion of a man grabs hold of a juicy ass, he doesn't stop until the job gets done - that's the Moody guarantee. And before his washboard abs get all the praise, they take the backseat next to his tree trunk dick that's so thick it's a miracle he doesn't pass out every time he gets an erection. With a form comparable to that of a bodybuilder and a personality that makes him so darn likable, Jason is quickly becoming the guy all the female stars want to bang. When it comes to his plans of dominating the world of adult entertainment, there's no slowing down this cock commando.

Scenes featuring Jason Moody 1