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Jay Savage

1 Scenes
  • November 02, 1993
  • Miami, Florida
  • American
  • 160lb
  • 6'0"
  • Legacy


If life is a video game, Jay Savage is going for the high score. With his good looks, great body, and massive cock, he's well on his way to a legendary ranking! A Puerto-Rican-American of epic proportions, Jay's strict diet and workout regimen have enhanced what were already a considerable number of natural gifts, and from his chiseled jaw to his nine inches of hard dick, Jay's got the looks that make the ladies want to play with his joystick! All that gaming experience has given Mr. Savage lightning fast reflexes and dexterity, and an ability to quickly locate any love button. Who said playing video games made you a nerdy shut-in? Whoever it was, they certainly never met all-around stud Jay Savage, because the only reason he has to shut-in is when accompanied by a score of beautiful women!

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