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Summer Day

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Nominated for an AVN award in 2017 for Hottest Newcomer, Summer Day is the porn world's new favorite girl next door. Both a freak and a geek, Summer Day is a woman of divergent tastes, equally enjoying rough sex and playing video games. "I was pretty well known in my college days for having sex with every Fraternity," jokes the stunning blonde with the dreamy eyes, "I like diversity, I have all sorts of different tastes. Sometimes I want a nerd, sometimes I'd want an athlete. A lot of times, if there was a below average guy in college, I'd say that if you get your roommate, you can both fuck me. And a lot of guys would do that!" Can you blame them? With a love for fun like Summer's, games are a must, so when she isn't playing the field with one of the 5-10 boyfriends she keeps at any given time, she's playing an MMO. Summer is an extra-terrestrial enthusiast, which is fitting, because her tight ass, pink pussy, and banging body are out of this world! If first contact ever does happen, Summer should go deal with the aliens first, because her sexy body and sexual talents will guarantee peace among worlds.

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