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Tony D

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  • April 19, 1970
  • Georgia, USA
  • American
  • 200lb
  • 6'2"
  • Legacy


Recruited from behind the camera at an adult film shoot at the tender age of 43, Tony D's story truly reads like a fairy tale. Let's be honest: who among us would refuse the chance to knock boots with the hottest women on the planet? A natural actor with a huge cock and impressive muscular form, Tony swings with his partner in his spare time and says he considers sex a hobby. This silver fox is often cast as the dominant older male opposite the new and fresh-faced teen talent, a role he's only too happy to fill! With numerous awards under his belt and a starring role in the 2015 Sundance-nominated Hot Girls Wanted, this self-described DILF and his signature tribal tattoo work have certainly made their mark.

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