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Codi Lewis

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Both a personal trainer and talented porn star, Codi Lewis loves pumping iron almost as much as he loves pumping his own iron between a horny babe's legs. Though Codi's endlessly passionate about helping people get into shape, he realized he was yearning for a new and exciting way to get a bit more physical himself. And when you're looking for a truly pleasurable workout, what could be more satisfying than starting a career in porn?! Impressing fans and fellow industry members right off the bat with his statuesque physique, this sexy Ukrainian stud has the kind of broad chest, rippling abs, and big strong arms that chicks go crazy for. And, of course, you can't forget about his big strong shlong! Top it all off with his piercing blue eyes and it's no wonder ladies are already lining up to get bench-pressed by him. With his hunky looks, huge cock, and extensive experience with pushing people to their limits, you can count on this handsome newcummer to get his sexy co-stars panting in no time, so don't miss his scenes right here on Brazzers!

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