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Demetri X

2 Scenes
  • September 12, 1972
  • England
  • Caucasian
  • Legacy


British by birth, Greek by descent, and porn star by fate, Demetri X is a peerless porn performer. With his well groomed muscular physique, he's got the look of a true classic porn star, and all the moves to back it up. This big dicked stud has been laying pipe for over a decade, and his experience in the industry has not only allowed him to work alongside such legendary talents as Peter North, but even to make the transition from acting to directing. Having been on both sides of the camera gives Demetri the kind of experience and know-how he needs to be one of the most professional and dynamic male performers in the industry, but of course having a huge cock doesn't hurt either! So if you want to learn a thing or two about slinging dick and fucking big tit sluts, then make sure you check out some of Demetri's videos right here at Brazzers!

Scenes featuring Demetri X 2