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  • August 03, 1986
  • Czech Republic
  • Euro
  • 170lb
  • 5'10"
  • Legacy


Denson is a top-notch male porn star from Prague, with an insatiable appetite for pussy. He can't get enough of shoving his dick balls deep into new snatches. It's only half a joke when he says that once he's done railing all the pussies in Europe he'll get started on the States. His favorite place to meet ladies is in the hiking groups he's been in ever since he heard the call of the mountains. Half the year, he heads out to the slops to cruise for hotties on the hills, racing them down to a rented chalet to finish what they started with a hard fuck. The other months, he takes fuckbuddies out on hiking trips, and bangs them off the side of the trail.

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