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Bruce Williams

1 Scenes
  • July 13, 1990
  • Essex, United Kingdom
  • Caucasian
  • 112lb
  • 6'0"
  • Legacy


UK porn star Bruce Williams craves excitement that a normal 9-to-5 just can't provide. Wanting an adrenaline-fueled ride through life, this hung dude decided to try out fucking on camera. His first scenes worked out so well, he's gone all in on the porn life, with no regrets. Bruce likes to unwind watching action movies, especially ones with gladiators and huge battles. He says his ultimate non-sexual fantasy is to perform in one of those swords-and-sandals epics. That said, his recurring naughty daydream involves a boring office job, and a mean-spirited boss who wears short skirts and needs to be taught a lesson. He is generous in the sack, and says nothing turns him on more than seeing a chick cum as his dick slides in and out of her pussy, "I aim to please, both in and out of the bedroom."

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