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Ryan Madison

8 Scenes
  • December 16, 1976
  • California
  • American
  • 165lb
  • 5'9"
  • Ryan Madison
  • Rookie


Ryan Madison claims He's the luckiest man alive! If not the luckiest we'd certainly have to agree that he's one of the few men we know that fucks as many hot babes as he likes and his wife thinks it's just dandy. Of course being married to Kelly Madison (a celebrated porn star in her own right) certainly helps. And then there's his cousin Janine who has over a hundred titles of her own to brag about. Geeze talk about running in the family! Lucky doesn't begin to describe him. Imagine spending your work day with the likes of Rachel Roxx deep throating your dick or Scarlet Banks riding your cock like a Rodeo Queen and then going home to your stacked porn star wife! For fucks sake! Somebody tell this man to buy a lottery ticket! None the less, our boy started his humble career as a graphic designer and after marrying his boss (Yup! Enter Kelly) he embarked on his career fucking hot women. With over 129 acting titles and 54 directing credits to his name, Ryan Madison the surfer dude, turned graphic designer, turned Porn Star is a fucking force to be reckoned with.

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