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Wrexxx Kidneys

4 Scenes
  • April 01, 1990
  • USA
  • Black
  • 135lb
  • 5'6"
  • Legacy


This brother has the loose- swinging skills that only a man with a third leg can bring. When bitches need stuffing, this slim and toned guy can be guaranteed to swagger in and supply everything a lady needs. Our man is like an engineer, filling gaping holes left and right at double time, and keeping the job solid. We don't know if he was named after his ability to drink every other bro under the table, or because his shlong is so long any chick that gets tapped by Wrexxx is going to get her kidneys rearranged. Whether a scene calls for a dripping cream pie or a gooey facial, Wrexxx has the goods to follow through.

Scenes featuring Wrexxx Kidneys 4