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David Loso

1 Scenes
  • April 21, 1987
  • Auburn, WA
  • Latin
  • 190lb
  • 6'0"
  • 9"
  • Legacy


It is good to see a Bro get the girl, and David unfailingly gives the feel of seeing a regular guy in unexpected situations actually get sweet ass by being in the right place at the right time. Adorable to the ladies by giving that perfect feeling of the unassuming friend you end up messing around with, and entertaining for guys because, hey, they can all relate, David is always the right guy for the job when he goes to town. A cute face and a solid, buff, and nearly hairless Latin build means a firm grip and smooth sailing when he is in action. That sweet, shy buddy with his clothes on has no problem tearing the ladies apart when he strips down and whips out his thick, cut, and straight as an arrow 9" of meat. You can picture him being that guy the girl turns to complain about her boyfriend before he gets his pants torn off. Watch him here getting mauled by an angry hot Cougar that forgets what her plans were once she gets herself filled with his solid cock.

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