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Jeremy Austin

2 Scenes
  • June 15, 1993
  • USA
  • American
  • 140lb
  • 5'10"
  • Legacy


This young effluent stud has a handsome young face and a tight muscled body. His youth belies his rather excellent talent, however. This kid shoots jizz like an oil well. Having our very own active geyser here at Brazzers isn't really something to complain about. Watching the white ropey spray he flings around like he is redecorating walls with a paint machine is more than entertaining. The best part is what never made it on film. When he first started out, he had trouble holding off the money shot for hours on end, and would repeatedly spatter his hot costars with cum throughout the day of filming like some sort of ill repaired pipe leak. The sweet, sweet talent of Jeremy Austin however, is that no matter how much he cums, he never slows down.

Scenes featuring Jeremy Austin 2