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Nathan Threat

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  • April 29, 1981
  • Victorville, California
  • Black
  • 170lb
  • 5'7"
  • Legacy


To say that Nathan Threat has fucked a few women is such an understatement it's like saying Mount Everest is tall. The man has literally fucked hundreds of women, around 450 (geeze some dudes have all the luck!)that we've found so far and fuck knows how many we haven't. Coming from Victorville California, Threat didn't have far to travel to step into the biz. Nominated for several AVN awards along the way Threat's Adult Film career began in 2005 and so far he hasn't looked back. Asked whether had a preference in woman he replied Hell No! As long as they're hot, horny and willing, but he claims Latina women really know how to go for it! Advice for newcomers, Nathan Threat says, "Just find something that you love and do it. If you can get paid for doing it, that's better." Sound advice from a man who's rapidly becoming a legend.

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