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  • August 11, 1990
  • Los Angeles,California
  • American
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"
  • Legacy


Young and Horney and hot off the starting block, let me introduce you to Enrique one of our very new and fresh Brazzers faces. Although new to the industry Enrique isn't slow to dive into the action, especially when it's diving into a babes lovely little cumtwat. Watch his scene with Katie in "Team Doctor" You'll see, he's a man with a "take that you cum guzzling slut" attitude. Really! Need we say more? Watch it and see, this boy has a future. Oh! Spare time, like when he's not boning the babes? The man's a wizard on wheels, catch him on his longboard, if you can!

Scenes featuring Enrique 1