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Brett Rockman

5 Scenes
  • Unknown
  • New York, new York
  • American
  • 149lb
  • 5'7"
  • Rookie


Brett Rockman discovered he was different from the other boys while away at summer camp when he was just a little kid. The other boys used to point and laugh at the size of his dick, but it looks like it's him who got the last laugh! This well-hung Latin Lothario is a so well hung that some female performers have refused to let him do anal! Despite his impressive dick size, however, Brett didn't always know he wanted to be a porn star. In fact, before he got his big break in the fall of 1999, Brett Rockman was a resident physician! But the siren song of pussy was just too powerful for Mr Rockman to resist, and before long he was getting paid to fuck the hottest chicks in the biz. So check out a few of his videos and get ready to learn, because Dr. Rockman is in!

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