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Jay Romer

1 Scenes
  • June 07, 1973
  • England
  • Euro
  • 180lb
  • 5'9"
  • Legacy


Friends call me Jay says, Romer who attributes his rapid rise in the industry to, "just plain hard work" still a relative newcomer to the business, Jay has 60 titles to his credit and still counting. Winning the UKAP (United Kingdom Adult Producers)award for Best Actor is likely to help keep him in demand. His hallmark,the 7 headed snake tattooed over the whole of his back, has earned him the nickname "Jay Snake" and the snake is not the only thing seen writhing in Jay's scenes, we've seen more than a few babes squirm under his expert touch. A genuinely nice guy, Jay humbly admits that in his eyes it's the Babes who are the true stars of the industry and considers himself no more than a working tool (pun intended). Romer loves what he does and we think he does it extremely well. A man the ladies adore and the guy, every other man would like to be, Jay Romer is a true Brazzers man, a man whose going to forge a name for himself, just watch and see.

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