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Yanick Shaft

6 Scenes
  • February 06, 1973
  • France
  • Caucasian
  • Rookie


Apparently Yanick Shaft had no idea that his cock was unusual until his soccer teammates pointed out the massive size of his man-hammer in the showers one day. Maybe it should have been a hint that when he used to bring women home for the first time, he had to fuck them with the lights off so they wouldn't be too intimidated by his boner! The French porn star got his start using his thick nine inch cock to pound pussy in 1998 in France, and crossed over into American productions in 2001. He's also appeared in a bunch of indie mainstream X-rated films, a distinctly European genre of movies with raunchy story-lines AND hard-core scenes. These movies give Ian a chance to let his inner bad-ass out, as he almost always plays a thug or gangster who does dirty deeds with his huge package. Ian is married to the beautiful French former porn actress Oceane. To keep in shape for long days on set, Ian trains regularly for triathlon races and competes in downhill mountain bike races. We don't know how he's got room under his belt for the more than 700 scenes he's shot in his globe-crawling career.

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