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Steve Bonnet

1 Scenes
  • November 05, 1975
  • Debrecen, Hungary
  • Euro
  • 170lb
  • 5'9"
  • Legacy


If you saw Steve Bonnet walking down a city street, you'd think he was just a handsome businessman calmly going about his day. Little would you suspect that good-looking guy was a porn god who's been on set pounding the fuck out of pussies since 2002. Steve's just a born stallion, and being on a constant sexual over-drive convinced him working in the porn industry was the right move. In great shape he may be, but Steve's not super keen on spending long days at the gym fiddling around with machines, he says. He'd rather keep his shape with activities like swimming and riding his bicycle around town. Not to mention sweating up a storm as he lays pipe all night long in lucky ladies, plowing their sweet holes until they cum over and over.

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