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L.T. Turner

1 Scenes
  • Unknown
  • USA
  • Black
  • 190lb
  • 6'2"
  • Legacy


There's nothing more that prolific porn star L.T. Turner enjoys more than opening up ripe asses with his big black cock. He's got a black anaconda that needs to be let out for regular feasts on white meat. After mastering all aspects of performing, L.T. turned his focus to producing and directing. Of all the places in the world to meet women, he says there's nowhere like Brazil. Every guy, before he gets hitched, says this hunk, needs to head to Brazil to see the world's best booties bouncing on his dick. L.T.'s ass obsession is so powerful, he wants to breathe and eat ass. His butt-worship is so good because, as he says, "The other brothers don't do it like I do it. I enjoy it. It's like a meal... I'd rather eat that than a steak dinner, depending on the ass."

Scenes featuring L.T. Turner 1