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Cris Commando

6 Scenes
  • January 30, 1986
  • Florida, USA
  • American
  • 165lb
  • 5'5"
  • Rookie


Cris Commando has always been one to flirt with danger. He's a thrill seeker who lives on the edge of his seat, getting in and out of scrapes with his street smarts and his quick tongue. This kind of reckless devil-may-care attitude is exactly what the ladies love so much about this Latin rascal. He grew up in Florida and spent countless afternoons cruising the streets in a buddy's whip wolf-whistling at all the foxes on the sidewalk. Of Course, growing up in the Southern heat, he spent lots of time throwing a football around on the beach, and chatting up the sunbathing gals. Cris admits with a grin that more than once, spotting his massive member through his board shorts led to a stacked biddy coming back to his place to have her pussy pounded until she couldn't walk straight.

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