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Dominic Kane

1 Scenes
  • April 20, 1978
  • Boston, USA
  • American
  • 200lb
  • 6'2"
  • Legacy


Whether you notice first his swaggery walk or the NFL shirt hanging off his muscled bod, just looking at Dominick Kane you can tell he's a tough guy from Boston. And as soon as he opens his mouth, he proves it with an accent dripping in New England pride. When this alpha male isn't on set pounding pussy on camera, you can often catch him at the boxing gym working on combinations and sparring. A true man's man, this ripped porn star keeps his body cut working out at the gym or playing football in the park with his buddies. If ever you wonder what kind of guy whose dick the ladies fantasize about wetting, look no further than this beast of a man Dominick.

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