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Jack Cummings

2 Scenes
  • November 30, 1975
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Latin
  • 195lb
  • 6'1"
  • Legacy


Originally from Mexico City and now living in Los Angeles, Jack Cummings has carved a solid rep for himself in the Adult Industry. Regarded as one of porn's gentlemen, Jack, is a favorite among costars not only for his woodsman skills and ability to produce when, where and how directed, but also "cause he's a nice guy. A buff 6'1, gym rat, he spends a lot of time keeping himself in shape for his roles. Jack's a keen boxing enthusiast, known to spend some time sparring in the ring himself. But he's not all brawn; he completed a diploma in electrical engineering before entering porn and keeps himself as mentally fit as he does his body "a sound mind builds a sound body" says Jack. Sound advice we think.

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