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Shane Dizzle

7 Scenes
  • Unknown
  • USA
  • American
  • 167lb
  • 5'10"
  • Rookie


Ladies just can't get enough of the scruffy, handsome dudes like Shane Dizzle who manage to stay totally chill despite packing some serious heat in their pants. Whatever the reason, guys like Shane have an appeal that keeps them up to their ears in pussy, the perfect training for making an expert porn star later in life. Shane's always enjoyed seeing juicy asses shake with every thrust of his powerful member, and says it barely even feels like work when he shows up on set. When he isn't pounding away at his costars, Shane says he loves to go kayaking, tripping around on the salt ocean of the West Coast, but staying close enough to keep an eye on the beach and all the gorgeous biddies sunning their perfect bodies.

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