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Jodi Breeze

1 Scenes
  • August 06, 1984
  • Washington,DC
  • Black
  • 210lb
  • 5'11"
  • Legacy


Mr. Breeze's name might lead you to think he's the shy quiet type. Whoa! Wrong! This dude is no stranger to the tougher side of life, check out the brands, yes brands! - the red hot metal kind - on his biceps and chest (ouch!) and we've seen him pull out his pistol (he's a regular on our sister site, Mofo's) and this boy knows his way around weapons (we're thinking ex-marine) not to mention women. He certainly has Jada Stevens in a submissive position as he unloads in her pretty mouth. Jody is a relative newcomer to Brazzers but the way he's been marching forward, we suspect we may have a hero in the making.

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