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All Natural Beauty

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All Natural Beauty
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Hello, I'm Monique. I began to shoot more in the past few months and pursue my career as an adult pornstar, so many of you might have allready seen me. Before I go into the details on how I got to HqHoneys, let me tell you a little about my past. I come from a family of 3 brothers, I have always had the attention focused on me, especially when their friends used to come over. They constantly used to stare at my big boobs, as I was heavily developed in my early stages. Same thing happened in Prague College I used to study fine arts there, and everyone constantly gave me attention. I loved it when guys focused on me, so I began shooting some erotic photos and movies. I met Steven Silver in a local nightclub. He invited me to his LA studio where we shot countless hours of hot and sexy content, and now you guys get to enjoy watching me. <br />Monique XoX <br />

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