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If You Fuck Her, Ima Gonna Get You!

If You Fuck Her, Ima Gonna Get You!

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Welcome to Dale's Auto Body! Where the service is great and the hospitality is second to none. Provided of course, that the thought of fucking Dale's girl, Bridgette doesn't cross your mind. Because if you're thinking of sticking her with your wang, Dale's gonna get medieval on your ass. Enter Criss Strokes, a young man who's car breaks down on him. Dale agrees to take a look at it, while Bridgette offers to take Criss inside for some lemonade. It doesn't take too long for Bridgette to get flirty with him and when she does, Criss responds with some good hard deep-dicking!

  • 25
  • 26 minutes

Available formats

  • HD MP4 1080P [1.55 GiB]
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  • HD WMV 720P [1.48 GiB]
  • SD MP4 [415.08 MB]
  • SD WMV [447.84 MB]
  • MPEG4 [240.55 MB]
  • IPHONE/MOBILE [150.64 MB]

1,522 high quality pictures included

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