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Dexter Big Wiggles

1 Scenes
  • Unknown
  • Planet Awesome
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"
  • See your for
  • Legacy


Beware, ladies, the cockman cometh. Nothing wiggles like the jizzy jiggles man Dexter provides to his needy bitches. One look at the deadly python Dexter is sporting and you will be rendered speechless by his sheer big dick majesty. No man alive has wielded a weapon as impressive and easy to swing as the waggling wonder of Dexter's pendulous trouser python. We admit we were hoping to see a little face slapping action with his whopping wand of whack, but alas. The truth is these women are in danger: one cockslap on the face and this veiny rope could wrap around two or even three times and cut off their air. Already it sprays jizz like a firehose, and Dirty D's massive white load is in danger of drowning his poor greedy gaggle of cock hungry Hos. He has to keep a firm hand on that crotch monster; it just isn't safe to run free.

Scenes featuring Dexter Big Wiggles 1