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Maria Bellucci

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Maria Bellucci was born June 27th 1977 in Hungary. After primary school she studied hairdressing and later she worked as a hairdresser. Fall 1996 she changed her "profession", and became a porn actress. She started at a smaller German production, then went to Kovi and later to an Italian agency. Since then she has been working continuously, mostly for Italian producers. Between 2001 and 2003 she had an exclusive contract with an Italian company. Since it has expired, she works on her own, she's also a model for Movidaagency. Since 2002 she regularly goes to Italy to make shows on stage, and is usually featured at different erotic exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. Since January 2004, she worked closely with Fókusz Videó and represents them at all Hungarian erotic festivals and shows. Her hobbies are going to movies and reading, also whenever she has time she goes to the gym, several times per week if possible. She likes animals very much, and owns two cats.

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